Wood Photo

Wood Photo


These personalized photos are a perfect gift to loved ones, or even yourself. Etched photo on Baltic Birch Plywood. 8"x10" standard size. Comes with an optional frame, made by us!


Please use photos that have been taken by professional photographers or photos that are very clear and not blurry.


Email us beforehand at Jessica@helioscraft.net to get a consultation on the quality of your photo and how it will look as a finished product.

  • Photos

    We cannot guarantee every photo will have optimal results when etched in the wood. Please email us the photo and we will let you know our professional opinion before you make the purchase. 

  • Proper care of photo

    These photos are delicate and should be handled with care. Use a paintbrush and gently remove any dust in the crevasses of your photo. If desired, used compressed air to clear any debree. Test inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not damage photo.  Do not use any form of duster to clean your photo. 

  • Wood Grain

    Products are not guaranteed to be identical due to unique wood grain of each individual piece.